Ending Exploitation
Raising Standards
Building Workers' Rights

Without enforceable rights at the workplace and the strength that comes from being represented by a union, labour rights violations and the mistreatment of fishers will continue.

The ITF has committed to build a democratic, representative union of fishers in Thailand through the Fishers’ Rights Network (FRN), which will campaign to improve the wages, working conditions and labour rights of all fishers in the Thai fishing industry.

When I agreed to become a fisherman in my village, I didn’t have a passport or any documents. The employer said the broker could take care of it. When I started to work, they took 1000 THB each month from my pay, and said I had to stay two years to pay it off. I want to leave but I can’t because I owe so much and the captain keeps my passport and documents.

Fishers’ Rights

Network Demands

Together, organised as the Fishers’ Rights Network, we have the power to change things, and to protect ourselves from a predatory industry that exploits
migrant labour.