Thai Union Group Vessel Code of Conduct

October 24, 2018

As reported in July, the ITF is encouraged by Thai Union’s commitment to improving labour standards, which will help ensure that suppliers who work in the shadows – illegally fishing and violating workers’ rights – will no longer be part of their supply chain.

The agreement between Thai Union and Greenpeace, re-affirms commitments supporting freedom of association and collective bargaining throughout the company’s global supply chain, for all workers, including migrants. This article summarises the highlights of the Vessel Code of Conduct announced by Thai Union.


Employment contracts


Equal treatment

Freedom of association and collective bargaining

Minimum hours of rest

Health and safety

Grievance procedure

“While this Vessel Code of Conduct is potentially good news for fishers across the Thai Union’s supply chain, FRN will continue to organise and build power at the ground level to achieve collective bargaining agreements with fleet owners and/or other supply chain agreements with other large fish buyers and seafood companies.”