ITF welcomes ILO decision on migrant fishers

September 22, 2017

The International Transport Workers’ Federation has welcomed today’s adoption by the International Labour Organization tripartite meeting on issues relating to migrant fishers of a fundamental resolution on those issues.

The resolution aims to address matters such as close cooperation between UN agencies for a rapid implementation of international instruments, including a formal campaign to increase ratification of Convention 188, as well as the development of guidelines on labour recruitment. It also calls for member states to effectively cooperate on criminal cases and abuses against migrant fishers.

In the conclusions of the meeting, the tripartite discussion agreed that the promotion of decent work for migrant fishers is fundamental to providing a fair and healthy labour market in such a challenging industry

Johnny Hansen, chair of the ITF fisheries’ section and was spokesperson for workers at the meeting.

“Today we moved a step closer to ensuring that migrant workers are better protected and considered equal to all other fishers.”

“It would be unrealistic to claim that what was agreed today is the solution to the problems they face. The issue of abuses is a global one, as we have well documented at the meeting – including the difficult situation of migrant workers in Ireland. But we consider the adoption of the resolution is a first step on the road toward improving migrant fishers’ living and working conditions.”

He continued: “We are pleased that the employers have fully committed to working as reliable social partners, sharing most of the contributions tabled at the meeting. Together with the ILO, and with the commitment of governments at the meeting – including the positive intervention of the Thai government, which reported on the steps they are taking to address the situation of migrant workers that has been documented and denounced by the ITF, among others – we are confident that the future may be brighter for migrant fishers. It is now time for action.”

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